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The proof is in the pudding. Don't take it from us, here are just a few examples of members that have experienced success by utilizing our products and services.

"Well, thank you for the attractive, informative brand new website! Good job done…Thank you! It’s exciting to have a professional web page…I’m very pleased with your work. The website is everything I could hope for, Thank you."

Christina Grace McKay
Owner, Goldie McKay’s The Original Anti-Inflammatory Inc.™

"My press release was very nicely done."

Milan Pilous
Regional Human Resources Operations Manager of Fujitsu Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East, India & Africa, Fujitsu

"Thank you very much! The release looks very good … for those interested to know more, it will entice them to reach out … very well done."

Scott B. Fulton
Director of North American Operations, Joseph Campione, Inc.

"[My website] looks great! Thanks a lot."

Bernd J. Luts
Director of Sales, International, DiMS!

"Thanks for all the support from you. Looking forward to increasing my network through who’s who. Have a great day! Med vänliga hälsningar."

Simon Almqvist
Sourcing Office Manager, SwCG Swedish Consulting Group

"I received the plaque with my name and VIP membership :-) that is so great! Thank you so much! I am very proud and honoured. I can’t wait to publish this press release to LinkedIn and Facebook."

Rima Overgaard Fayed
Director & Owner, Jiddo Press

"The press release looks really good thanks to you and your team, – no changes are necessary. I am very grateful and honored to have been given this acknowledgement by your company, my sincere thanks."

Silva Vaughan-Jones
Photographer, Silva Vaughan-Jones Photo Portfolio

"I’m very happy with what you’ve said in my press release. Thank you very much. LOVE IT!!!"

Sandra Leigh Savage
Writer, Published Author, Fashion Stylist/Illustrator, and Artist

"I take this opportunity to thank all the different team members in Worldwide Branding for your commitment and professionalism in assisting me to brand myself. Those of you whom I have had occasion to talk with on telephone like Stephanie have been extremely warm and made me feel already a part of the Worldwide family. I look forward to a long, fruitful and rewarding relationship."

Joyce Claire Banya
Senior Counselor, WIPO, Regional Bureau for Africa

"I just Googled my press release from Worldwide Branding. It looks nice!"

Stephen K. Mercer
Process Consultant, Oaktree Software

"I took another peek at my website, I LOVE IT! Please pass along to the people that are involved in making this spectacular website for me. I like the colors and now it excites me that the video is right in your face when you first launch the website. To me this puts curiosity into the viewers mind on what’s on that video.

So please tell [the website developers] all what a great job they have done and I am so very, very, pleased, happy and excited to share it with everyone.

A big, big thank you to everyone involved in helping make this journey of mine a reality."

Linda M. Wesley
Owner, Canyon Creek Mercantile

"Greetings from Macau! Thank you very much for the nicely crafted press release of mine…Thank you so much for the kind follow up. The addition made a good touch to the press release and I am very happy about that. Thank you again for your efforts and look forward to the distribution."

Helena Lo
Director, Pousada de Mong-Ha

"Hi there,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your colleagues for the great job on the personal website and the whole interview process that has made me feel so special.

It’s rather strange to read something about myself and smile at the end of it, with your team having polished me up and made me look sparkling. Well done to all. As a professional communicator, I understand how hard this is with the team having only used your interview information and the wording that I sent through. The imagery and the way it has been written is so good.

Thanks to all. I think I only signed up because you are a great sales lady and I’m turning a blind eye to my credit card payment wondering if I have done the right thing. The decision was made and I’m really happy with the website. Whatever the result of this decision, I’m sure I will find a way to use the site so thanks again for the professionalism. I didn’t want you and your colleagues’ work to go unappreciated. Well done."

Vanessa Kennedy
Communications Executive, Brisbane Markets Limited

"The profile books arrived today and you did an amazing job on my profile. Wow. You really are able to understand what I am talking about and then put it into words. Of course, the boxes of books arrived today when I was away from home for the day... They look great, and I am pleased. Thank you for all of your effort."

Judith Cameron, Ph.D.
Owner, Therapist, Instructor

"I am so pleased with my new website. I've been getting terrific feedback on it, and now that it will be "optimized" I look forward to getting some new clients! [Worldwide Branding] has quite a track record with me. The press release announcing my selection as Professional of the Year in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology generated several immediate responses from people I knew. A few weeks later I got a response from people I didn't know, CloseUp TVNews + Internet Radio. They found the press release by doing a key word search, and I've done a series of three conversations about the Clean Energy Economy on internet radio! The audio of these interviews will be available on my website in a few weeks. I've never been one to blow my own horn, and that started to hold me back. I am so glad I found you (on Linked-In, I think), and to be working with you and the branding team. It's been not only painless, but actually enjoyable! Looking forward to lots of traffic!"

Leni Berliner

"I am delighted with my Worldwide association. Within a week of my induction, I received a great business lead from a dynamic client. What a remarkable and fast return on my commitment to this organization! The assistance I have received from Worldwide has been professional, and extremely responsible and reliable. I also consider them a very valuable part of my marketing and branding strategy. I look forward to the year ahead as I plan to leverage Worldwide's strengths to build business and deliver the highest-quality services to my clients."

Tess Wald

"Well, you told me that I would be pleased with the calendar. However, I had no idea that I would be ecstatic. Once I opened the package, looked at the cover and felt the paper, I started to smile. The 2013 Calendar Series is professionally done; I love the paper that was used for the cover and on the inside pages. It's very easy to read and I love the quotes included inside of a suitcase - what a creative idea! The process of my involvement did not prepare me for the final product: a beautiful and classic-looking calendar. Packaging is everything, and this was done first class. I know this because I've seen other professional calendars over the years.

I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with your editorial associate on this project. Even on the telephone, she exuded an air of charm and professionalism at all times. What a pleasure to work with someone who is so calm, and always available to assist me and answer questions. I'm proud to be in the 2013 Calendar Series. It's a great branding tool because it confirms my credibility."

Leola Mason
Conference Center Sales Associate

"I was thrilled when Worldwide recognized my professional accomplishments. A few years later, my career suffered a setback when I was downsized. As a job seeker, I realize the true value [of Worldwide] and its wide network - the offerings are endless. I especially want to thank Jeanne C. and her fabulous team for their confidence in me. I recently completed a mini-MBA and I know that my new skills and the support of Worldwide will contribute to my success."

Peggy K. Schunk
Public Relations Consultant

"I've spoken to my Personal Branding [Specialist] at Worldwide a few times during the past year. She told me to drop her a note to let her know what I thought of the items when I received them. Well, I love them! Today, I received my plaque. It is very nice and beautiful! I just wanted to thank Worldwide for such a nice memento. I also want to express my gratitude for the calendars. I was pleasantly surprised to be included and quite impressed when the calendars arrived - it is nice to see the completed product. Thank you."

Wendy Beattie