• Tanja Lynn
  • Principal, Lead Consultant, Planner
  • Tanja & Co.
  • Years in position: 4
  • Years in profession: 13
  • Type of Business: Boutique event planning firm

Major Products and Services:

Event planning for corporate and private events

Marketing Area:



Event design, planning and etiquette; Advising; Coaching


Aerobics; Travelin; Dancing; Listening to music

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Lee University (1999)


Event Planners Association; The Etiquette Institute

Charity/Volunteer Work:

YWCA; Girls Night Out Against Domestic Violence

What do you attribute your success to?:

She attributes her success to her great mentors and paying attention to details.

How did you get involved in your profession?:

She became involved in her profession because in college, event planning was not in the curriculum, so she ended up in broadcast and journalism. It was a natural progression of events ever since.

Where will you be in five years?:

In five years, Ms. Lynn intends to have a couple of projects going on. She wants to grow and develop events with fine execution.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

Designing personal, elegant and stylish events; Meeting with clients; Contracting for marketing and social media purposes; Strategic planning; Assessing what clients need; Facilitating etiquette workshops


Certified Etiquette Consultant, The Etiquette Institute; Certified Event Planner