• Ronald Meier
  • Managing Senior Partner & MOB & President
  • Siegel Human Resource Ltd. & e-International Ltd. & e-northamerica Inc.
  • Years in position: 20
  • Years in profession: 30
  • Type of Business: Supplier of professional personality tests, team profiles and HR analyses

Major Products and Services:

Coach, train, develop, deliver psychometric tests and provide feedback to clients as a human resources professional

Marketing Area:



Negotiations; Leadership; Sales; Training


Travel; Family; Architecture for homes; Fitness; Wellness

Educational Background:

Diploma in Leadership HWF (1994); Swiss Federal Masters Diploma in Banking (1987)


Swiss Label KMU Swiss Swiss Diploma Bankers efficiency club Berne

What do you attribute your success to?:

He attributes his success to his curiosity and serious hard work.

How did you get involved in your profession?:

He became involved in his profession because he was promoted regularly in the banking industry at 32 years of age; he then concluded to launch a business to be more independent and work alongside several banks across Europe and internationally.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?:

The highlights of his career were when he helped saved the Bernese Cantonal Bank from becoming bankrupt by establishing a training system and when he and his wife, Maria, founded their company Siegel.

Where will you be in five years?:

In five years, he expects to be in the U.S. and Europe with his companies Siegel & e-international.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

Coaching, training and consulting with clients; Preparing and delivering training sessions; Writing and delivering speeches and consulting on human resources; Spending over 20 years in the international banking industry


Swiss Federal Master Diploma in Banking