Tessa M. Szwagierczak

Tessa Szwagierczak
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Tessa M. Szwagierczak's Biography

Type Of Business: Accounting practice
Marketing Area: Local
Expertise: Accounting
Major Product/SVS: Accounting services; Large range of services from payroll to corporate tax preparation; One-stop shop for all financial needs
Hobbies/Sports: Traveling
Education Degrees: Continuing Education, SAIT Polytechnic
Affiliations Awards: Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada; Certified General Accountants Association of Alberta
Place of Birth: Neepawa
Industry: Accounting
State/Country of Origin: Canada
Children's Names: Crystal, Jason
Date of Distinction: 11/21/2012
What do you feel separates you from the rest of the professionals in your industry?: Ms. Szwagierczak treats all of her clients the same, with an open door policy, regardless of the size of their company. She actually takes the time to listen to what her clients say or feel, and encourages them to take the time to understand what their company is doing, as well as its accomplishments from year to year so that they know what needs to be met in order to advance to the next stages of business growth.
What has been the most outstanding thing you have done thus far in your career?: The most gratifying aspect of her career is her ability to help so many individuals achieve their business dreams. She prides herself on the fact that they do not take six months to report back the client’s year-end information; they have things completed within 60 days of their year end.
Spouse's Name: Glen
Throughout the duration of your career, what was the one highlight that stood out the most?: The highlight of her career is that each and every year, she is very fortunate to be able to assist new and struggling companies as they grow into successful businesses.
Charity: Sponsor, Ducks Unlimited; Sponsor, Children's Activities
Number Of Years In Profession: 32
Number Of Years In Current Position: 13
What Does He/She Attribute Success To: She attributes her success to being caring, as well as her listening skills and her hard work.
Why did you become involved in your profession or industry?: She became involved in her profession because she always had a passion for the "little people," as she calls them, which means small businesses. She felt they were forgotten, and thought it wasn't fair that there were many firms that did not have the time or want to spend the time to develop their business.
Extended Bio Profile: Ms. Szwagierczak markets her company through the Web and Yellow Pages. She wants to hire two senior accountants to work for her, and two to three bookkeepers and accounting technicians.
Position Responsibilities and Duties: Managing a base of more than 450 clients; Handling all accounting needs, such as bookkeeping to corporate reporting, payroll, and tax preparation for individuals and corporations; Helping clients establish company benefits and life insurance
Education Certifications: Certified General Accountant, Earned in Canada
Awards/Honors: Various Sponsorship Recognitions
Where Will You Be In 5 Years: Ms. Szwagierczak states that since most of her clients will be retiring in about seven years, she will too; she would like to ensure that her clients are ready to retire.