• Jarek Moleda
  • Chief Marketing and R&D Officer
  • Dymax Corporation
  • Years in position: 1
  • Years in profession: 15
  • Type of Business: Current: Dymax Corporation World’s leading provider of total solutions for bonding, masking and coating that combine chemistry, dispensing and UV light curing equipment for healthcare, electronics, automotive and other key industries Previous: HTL-STREFA- World-leading manufacturer of medical devices for capillary blood sampling and drug delivery

Major Products and Services:

Current: Adhesives, Maskants and Coating products, Oligomers, Dispensing and Light Curing systems Past: Medical devices for blood collection and drug delivery through needle-based products

Marketing Area:



Sports activity; Jogging; Swimming; Tennis; Motivational coaching

Educational Background:

Executive MBA in Global Business, Georgia Institute of Technology; Master of Arts in International Business Relations, Warsaw School of Economics; Master of Arts in Marketing and Management, Warsaw School of Economics


EMBA Ambassador and GT Alumni, Georgia Institute of Technology International Sharps Injury Prevention Society

What do you attribute your success to?:

He attributes his success to his inspiration, innovation, vision, people skills and leadership.

Where will you be in five years?:

In five years, Mr. Moleda plans to explore some new ideas in medical devices, life science and biotechnology. He also plans to continue to identify new business opportunities for the company's brand and private label, as well as extend collaboration with other national and international companies.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

Developing new products and complete go-to-market strategies; Global alignment and identifying new business opportunities for double-digit growth; Motivating others; Helping companies enhance their products and make changes with an impact in health care and pharmaceuticals


Various Awards for Contribution to Product Design and Development, as well as Implementation of Production

Extended Bio:

Mr. Moleda initiated development of many innovative devices for blood collection with improved ergonomics and enhanced patient comfort. He also created concepts of new products for drug delivery, promoting safety of patients and health care professionals.