• Billy George. Williams
  • President
  • BGW Film Studio
  • Years in position: 3
  • Years in profession: 25
  • Type of Business: Independent film company

Major Products and Services:

Television, documentary, and motion picture services

Marketing Area:



Producer; Directing; Entertainment production; Cinematography; Videography; Music editing; Screen writing; Distribution


Computers: some repairs, cleaning, re-installing windows operating system.

Educational Background:

Grade 12; Criminology


IMDb member: IMDb member for production company: writers guild of america west; writers guild of canada;

Charity/Volunteer Work:

First Nation Party of British Columbia:;

What do you attribute your success to?:

He attributes his success to his determination, faith, and hard work.

How did you get involved in your profession?:

He attributes his success to having had many challenges throughout his life and wanted to help the First Nation people by giving them a voice through film.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?:

Script writing

Where will you be in five years?:

BGW Film Studio will be more recognized throughout North America and abroad.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

Handling all the day to day operations of his film studio including all film projects and documentaries, all subject material and artistic direction, production of projects, marketing and film editing; Focusing on the people of First Nation and employs, trains and equips those that are interested in the film industry and also brings on board those that already have experience in the industry, to train and equip and inspire new film makers\


Graduate of grade 12, Criminology

Extended Bio:

Born with club feet, deaf in both ears, and border line retardation. Taken out of my home by the government in the early 60's, and taken to residential school only to be reject by them, because of my deficits. Raised in foster homes, the Williams home was the last one I was in. There was a lot of yelling and hitting in the home by Mrs. Williams. But through this, I had series of operations on both feet, and ears. The first time I walked straight was at the age of 13. And the first time I heard was at the age of 12. Mrs. Williams went to ask me questions as to why I had a cup stain on my dresser that should not have been there, but wanted to know when it got there. I was scared to answer her, she went to grab my head and bang it on the dresser and continued asking how that stain got there. When blood was drawn, she dragged me to the kitchen to continue to ask me, because she didn't want blood on her carpet. When she continued to yell at me and I didn't answer her right away, she went to slap me across the face, and I stopped her from hitting me, and said don' hit me any more. She sent me to my room and said wait till my father get's home. He got home like clock work, and they talked about me as did other people talked about what to do with me throughout my life. I was called into the living room, and I was expecting to be spanked, hit, and/or grounded. But nothing prepared for what they were about to say to me. Mrs. Williams looked at me, and said that they were giving me two weeks to get out, and if I wasn't out that they would throw my stuff out the back door. I think that's where I died internally. The social worker couldn't find me another home, because potential foster parents said I looked too old, and they were looking for a much younger person. Any ways, I was put on independent living at the age of 13. Two weeks after I was on my own, I went for a walk one sunny Sunday afternoon. I stopped to sit at a bench, and while I sat there reflecting on life, a van pulls up and he stops to ask me for directions. He starts to drive off, and he stops again to drive back to where I was and ask's if I could show him. After thinking about it, I said yes, because he said he would drop me off where I wanted him to. But he didn't, he got to the reserve, and drove past it to take me up to the mountains. I was scared as to what this guy was doing. When we got 20 minutes to 30 minutes up the mountain, he stops, looks at me, and ordered me to take off my close. I became really scared then, and he pulled out a knife, and put's it against my throat, and says he would kill me if I didn't take off my close. So I did, live or die, and I chose to survive. After he finishes with me, he drives off, and tells me to get out. I did get out, and while I was rolling on the ground naked, I managed to see the last three digits of his license plate. When I got home, I got help phoning the police, and I told the police everything, and they found him about two weeks later, he was getting ready to leave town to go after his next victim. When we got to court, and I had to walk past him to go to the witness stand, he said that he didn't kill me up in the mountains, but he will kill me when he get's out of jail. He was an older guy at the time. For kidnapping me, raping me, taking my innocents away, he only got 5 years of jail time. He got out in 3 years for good behaviour, which put me at age of 16 years old. Believe me when I say that I lived my life in fear of him killing me. I even slept with the lights on. But I got tired of living in fear, that finally when I got married to my wife Sylvia, I told her about my life, and she says that I am the most amazing person that she has ever met. So I told her that that's what my teddy bear says all the time too about me. I told Sylvia that I wanted to go back to the mountain where I got kidnapped, raped, almost killed, and left for dead. I wanted to forgive this guy and let him go, because I believe that he had passed on. So when we got to the mountains, I gazed around remembering the struggles, and almost getting killed, that I thank God that I didn't. And I reached out my arm in peace, and said: "I forgive you, and let you go". Then I felt his spirit leaving. Today I run a film company, and I am working on my first project on the Indigenous people and their success stories, with me at the beginning of the film. If you want to be a part of the project, or help out, let me know.